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Mustang Mountain Vineyard was established in 2010 by Nancey and Larry Blair.  They retired from their jobs in Seattle, Washington and decided to move back to Wyoming.  Nancey found the property and although, it had not been kept over the years, she recognized it as a 'diamond in the rough.'  For many years, Nancey and Larry continued to expand their vineyard and sell the grapes to a winery in Miles City, Montana. 


In 2016, their daughter, Nicolle Laffin, and her family decided to move to Lovell in order to be closer to her parents.  After a year of settling her family and working in the vineyard, Nicolle and Nancey decided that they should take the next big step and build a winery.  Nancey and Nicolle worked to obtain their licensing and, with the help of Larry and Nicolle's husband, Dan, the four of them built a winery. 


For the past four years, Nancey, Larry and Nicolle have been expanding their vineyard which now has more than 700 vines and four varieties of grapes.  


In between tending the vineyard and making wine, they have been developing the property which truly is a diamond.  Visitors are welcome to explore the vineyard and enjoy the view of the Big Horn Mountains while sipping a glass of wine.     

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