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Vineyard Tours...
Free vineyard tours are available.  Enjoy a leisurely walk through the vineyard.  Learn about the challenges of growing grapes in Wyoming and the hybrid cold-hardy grapevines that make it possible.  The tour ends at the winery's tasting room.  Be sure to wear good walking shoes.  The best time of the year to tour the vineyard is June - August.

... and Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are available during open hours.  For groups larger than 5, please call ahead for reservations.


Private Parties

Mustang Mountain Winery can host private parties or events for up to 20 people.   Charcuterie and other boards with a wine tasting can be requested.   Full meal catering can be also requested.  For private parties, please call 48 hours in advance for venue reservations.​   Full meal catering requires one week advance notice and a deposit.

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