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You are cordially invited...

to a private tour of

Mustang Mountain Vineyard

followed by a dinner at

Mustang Mountain Winery

Philanthropist, industrialist, and entrepreneur,
Raymond Engraves
will be your host for this evening.

There will be many guests but most notably is the following...

Kurt Stash

Kurt and Raymond served in the Army together.  Although they hadn’t seen each other in years, Raymond recognized Kurt while on a layover at an airport.  Kurt had been working as one of the airport’s barbers but had always wanted his own place.  For old times’ sake, Raymond brought him back to Lovell and co-signed a loan on a building to establish Kurt as the town’s barber.

Tiffany Stone

Raymond is one of the county’s top employers.  Tiffany works at Raymond’s stone quarry just like her dad before her.  Mr. Engraves even promoted her to jobsite foreperson two years ago.   Although the local jobs don’t pay top dollar, they come with good benefits and Mr. Engraves always takes care of his families.

Kristina Engraves-Mac

Kristina just finished an on-line course on photography and has opened up her own business.  While her last three businesses were not successful, she is positive that this is her true calling.  Her dad has been encouraging her by financing her businesses.

Jeremy Mac

Jeremy is Raymond’s son-in-law.  He first met Kristina when he was a truck driver and her first business was selling advertising space on the side of 18-wheelers.   They fell in love and quickly wed.  Since then, Jeremy has quit driving trucks and stays home to support Kristina in her entrepreneurial adventures.

Jody Lynne Underwood

Jody Lynne is one of Raymond Engraves’ first hired employees.  Not only has she proven herself to be Raymond’s trusted and loyal secretary for decades, but she has also become one of his most trusted advisors.  Nothing gets to Engraves without first going through Jody Lynne.

Riley Ford

Riley first met Mr. Engraves when Mr. Engraves’ car broke down in front of Riley’s apartment.  Riley was in training for auto-mechanics and was able to fix the car asap.  Mr. Engraves was so impressed he hired him as his estate’s mechanic.  Mr. Engraves has also promised to finance the rest of Riley’s education.  Riley maintains all of the estate’s farming equipment, cars, trucks, and small engines.

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